Blurred Borders: For resorts with inbounds avy terrain and lift-accessible backcountry, managing boundaries is tricky

This week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that under the Colorado Ski Safety Act’s parameters, ski resorts are not liable for injuries or death caused by inbounds avalanches.

Backstory: Crossroads of a Skier

It’s late morning in October 1993, and I’m sitting in my VW Jetta, a coffee in one hand, a cigarette in the other. I don’t smoke. Don’t drink much coffee, either. But this moment, this place, begs for both. I’m somewhere north of Great Falls, Montana. Maybe Cut Bank, maybe Shelby, maybe Conrad. It doesn’t matter. There is a gas station and a diner and that’s all, and that’s all I need.

Hybrid Travel: The upward trend in heli-assisted touring

The benefits of human-powered backcountry travel are undeniable—you skin, you sweat, you burn off that Philly Cheesesteak from last night and delight in earning every inch of covered ground. But sometimes, you just want to catch a ride to the top, and for that, heli-bump touring balances exploration on foot with the efficiency of speedy access to secluded landscapes.