Snow Shooter: Mattias Fredriksson


Mattias Fredriksson is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s worked as an editor, had his own magazine and is now a professional photographer with almost 400 cover images to his name. This September, Fredriksson will add another shot to his already impressive portfolio: the cover of Backcountry’s 2015 Gear Guide.

The Quiver


Whoever said “a quiver of one” anyway? These days, everybody knows your quiver needs at least a few arrows. But how many skis is too many skis?

Throwback Thursday: Stump Classics


In the late ’80s and early ’90s, ski films meant big hair, Iron Crosses and rock music. And Greg Stump was the master of them all. The New York Times called Stump “a maverick film maker in the ski business,” and The Atlantic wrote, “Stump… does not make G-rated, safe-and-sane ski travelogues with elevator music. What he does make are wildly original, nonstop ski action films with comic and dramatic subplots and original scores.”

Backcountry Essentials: Whose-its and Whatsits Galore


These days, with this company telling you to buy a whose-it to monitor your kidney, liver and large intestine functions while skinning and that company telling you to buy a whatsit to quadruple your V02 max, it can be tough to figure out what tech essentials you really need in the backcountry.

Biff America: On Opinions


Jeffery Bergeron, under the alias of Biff America, is a monthly columnist for BCM. Biff provides anecdotes about some of our favorite things: beer, sex and skiing.

Snow Shooter: Chris Christie


Don’t worry; New Jersey’s governor hasn’t taken up photography. This Chris Christie, a resident of Squamish, B.C., has a penchant for stouts and big ski lines, and he doesn’t take being a photographer lightly.

Summer Stashes: The Great One

The Great One realll farrr

It’s July. You’re fighting the realization that winter is over. You’re probably mountain biking, twiddling your thumbs, questioning if it’s smart to watch a ski movie to gear up for next year….

BCM Launches 2015 Gear Guide, a Microburst Hits Stowe, Vt. and WWA Seeks Film Submissions


The 2015 BCM Gear Guide is set to hit newsstands in less than a month with 29 Editors’ Choice products featured, Stowe, Vt. withstands a microburst affecting more than six acres and the Winter Wildlands Alliance ramps up for their 10th annual Backcountry Film Festival.

BCM Editors’ Choice: We Built This Logo on Rock and Roll


The kegerator is almost empty here at Backcountry’s headquarters, and the launch date for this year’s Gear Guide is quickly approaching. Before we roll out the issue, we’re pre-releasing this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards logo, which has been deservedly bestowed on 29 of the best, most innovative skis, spiltboards, boots and bindings of 2015.