Summer Stashes: Vasu Sojitra escapes the crowds off Beartooth Highway

All summer long, we will add to the growing list of places where you can find snowy terrain to beat the heat for our series “Summer Stashes.” This week, we talked with Vasu Sojitra who spent Memorial Day weekend in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.

Spring Vert: Aaron Rice tackles 14ers before heading south for summer

If you are a ski bum in Utah when the season ends, there is only one thing to do—head to the desert. Spring is a hard time for winter diehards like me. Often, I don’t have the most solid plan for the summer—or the rest of life, for that matter.

Summer Stashes: Volcanic Lassen Peak holds steady through June

All summer long, we will add to the growing list of places where you can find snowy terrain to beat the heat. This week, we travel to California, where on Lassen Peak, founder of the Tahoe Backcountry Alliance Rich Meyer and his friend Dean Amundsen make some turns before it all melts away.

Mission Memorial Day 2016: Josh Jespersen summits Denali to remember fallen vets

In April, we caught up with Navy SEAL Joshua Jespersen to talk about Mission Memorial Day (MMD), is his initiative to bring meaning back to the holiday through an annual trip to Denali. There he and his team travel with flags adorned with the names of fallen soldiers to commemorate their service and bravery.

From the Archive: Jason Torlano, Yosemite’s Golden Boy

In the winter of 1996, Jason Torlano was the guy most of us in the Yosemite Valley knew of for having been knocked out cold at the outdoor ice rink and taken to the medical clinic by ambulance not once, but three times.

Austral Aspirations: SheJumps Executive Director Claire Smallwood talks about summers spent in the Southern Hemisphere

It is mid-June, and many backcountry ski enthusiasts have turned their energy to their favorite dirt and water outdoor pursuits. But while the sun may be blazing here in North America, the snow is just starting to fly south of the Equator, and for a lucky few, a trip to the Southern Hemisphere keeps the snow train chugging along.

Summer Stashes: Colorado’s North Maroon and Maroon Peaks

By now most skiers have accepted summer’s arrival in all its warmth and glory. But while some may be hanging up their gear for the season, high in the mountains remain a few dedicated souls who are still chasing turns. This summer, we will talk with a few of these die-hards about their favorite “summer stashes” that take them to the hills while they wait for the next snowfall.

Building Blocks: VT Tech gets students excited about applied sciences through ski and snowboard building

Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center, Vt. may sit among farm fields, but it is a hub of learning for students looking to gain skills in the applied sciences such as Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Business Technology and Management. Recently VT Tech acquired a ski and snowboard press and is incorporating ski and snowboard building into the applied learning process for students interested in engineering, along with members of the campus Ski and Snowboard Club.

Blurred Borders: For resorts with inbounds avy terrain and lift-accessible backcountry, managing boundaries is tricky

This week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that under the Colorado Ski Safety Act’s parameters, ski resorts are not liable for injuries or death caused by inbounds avalanches.

Back on Course: Despite a funding hurdle, Vermont’s Mount Ascutney is successfully conserved

In May 2015, we covered the resurrection of Vermont’s Mount Ascutney Resort, which had previously closed in 2010, in “Ascutney Ascension.” The article touches on efforts of the Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the local Brownsville and West Windsor Communities to breathe life back into a much beloved, defunct community ski area.