2017 Photo Annual: Cedric Bernardini

Chamonix, France is a majestic backdrop for any photographer, and Cedric Bernadini is lucky enough to call it home. In this installment from the Photo Annual, he talks about precarious perches he has inhabited to get that perfect steep and deep shot in the Alps.

Out of the Drought: Shasta guide Rich Meyer talks California’s summer snowpack and big objectives

It’s no secret that this winter put any Californian worries about drought to bed. And for the Golden State backcountry set, the lasting snowpack on the mountains means a plentiful summer ski-mountaineering season on the high peaks. The iconic Mt. Shasta received 153-percent of normal precipitation, making this past winter one of the wettest on record.

The quiet climb: after ten years, Hankin-Evelyn still provides crowd-free bc atmosphere

Hankin-Evelyn has all the basic trappings of a ski resort, minus lifts: plowed roads, blower powder, tree skiing, cut runs (sans grooming), alpine objectives and a warming hut. A large map, quaint outhouse and avalanche transceiver checker greeted me at the modestly sized parking lot.

2017 Photo Annual: Jay Beyer

Jay Beyer, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, talks about searching for a unicorn of a shot and what it’s like when the puzzle pieces come together.

Public Comment Period opens for reevaluation of Utah Powderbird Heli Permit

The daily humming of helicopters has been an accepted part of life for backcountry skiers in the greater Salt Lake City area, but that may change soon. The Utah Forest Service has opened a public comment period, running from June 10 to July 10, to reevaluate the permit for Utah Powderbird (UPB)—a helicopter-skiing operation based in Little Cottonwood Canyon—that has been unchanged since 2004.

Photo Annual 2017: Liam Doran

On a fundamental level, few individuals think both analytically and creatively—left brain, right brain stuff. But photographers are different, their work demanding technical mastery to make art.

Josh Jespersen sets new Colorado 14er speed record

In 1991, Lou Dawson, of Wild Snow fame, became the first person to ski all of Colorado’s 14ers over a period of 13 years. As of May 21, ski-mountaineer and Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen scaled them all in less than five months.

Hop to It: Your favorite flower, explained

When brewers talk hops, they’re referring to the flowering cone on the plant Humulus Lupulus, a perennial vine. Hops are dried and added to beers for flavor and stability, and overtime they’ve been cultivated to create a range of tastes. Here’s a rundown of popular U.S. varieties.

Ryan Koupal’s 40 Tribes Backcountry offers Asia’s most exotic yurt trips

Wake up, drink coffee, eat breakfast, climb outside to ski—it’s a classic yurt-trip experience. But instead of emerging into Colorado’s snow-covered aspens or British Columbia’s blanketed conifers, you awake in a high-mountain pasture where 12,000-foot peaks surround the yurt’s traditional woolen-felt cover. It is the farthest out, most exotic yurt-based ski setting imaginable—and that is exactly what Ryan Koupal set out to create in Kyrgyzstan seven years ago.

Are You Smarter Than a Hipster? Small-scale breweries and their differences

For some, differentiating beers and breweries is an art form with its own brand of terroir and production nuances that affect flavor. But for the rest of us, just knowing the basics is enough, so here is a brief rundown of fermentation facilities and how to tell them apart.