Testers’ Choice: Dynastar Cham 107 W’s


Becca started her ski-testing career back in 2003 when the Gear Test Week lodging was at an Alpaca Farm in Vermont. She has met Glen Plake twice, drank tea at Warren Miller’s house and winked at Scot Schmidt. Her pick of the test? The Dynastar Cham 107 W’s.

Getting Caught in the Coast Range


Last April, pro skier KC Deane joined photographer Mason Mashon and friend Kye Peterson for a photo session near the Pemberton Icecap in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. KC and Kye skied a test run, made several ski cuts on their intended line and dropped a cornice nearby to no hazardous effect. But when KC dropped into his intended line, he took a wild ride.

Mountain Skills: Cutting a Cornice


Dropping a cornice onto a slope can be an effective way to see if it will slide, simulating the weight of a skier on the snow. Here’s a video demonstration of proper cornice cutting technique.

Mountain Skills: Ski Cutting a Slope


By skiing quickly across a slope you can test stability without hanging yourself too far out there. Here’s a video that demonstrates proper ski-cutting technique.

Testers’ Choice: Atomic Charter


Road Dust, a 10-year tester, started racing at age 13, telemark raced at the national level during college and is now back on AT gear. He practices law, but dreams of a long-term vacation and is busy planning his revenge on fellow ski tester Shaggy. His pick of the test? The Atomic Charter

Stoked on the Gear Guide? Tell Us!


Ever seen such pure, unadulterated excitement? Little Aven here is a five-week-old aspiring backcountry skier, and she’s pretty fired up about the 2014 Gear Guide. What do you think of the issue? Love it? Hate it? Jonesing for winter? We want to hear from you!

Powderwhore Productions presents Elevation: A Backcountry Ski Film


“Spread the gospel of snowy mountain love,” read the e-mail from Powderwhore Productions co-pilot Noah Howell. For nine years, they’ve been doing so, with their telemark and, now, backcountry ski flicks. Here’s the trailer and background info on their latest installment, Elevation, in their own words….

Testers’ Choice: Atomic Automatic


Henry Yu | 5’10”, 170 lbs. Breckenridge, CO   Henry, a second-year tester, spent 10 years patrolling at Breckenridge. But last winter, he had a rude awakening, moving to Chicago for med school, and only skied 15 days. Now, instead of skiing, he’s training for the hotdog-eating world record. His pick of the test? The […]

Photo Gallery: Gear Test Week 2014


Five days, 40 testers, 7,000 skiable acres, 400-plus new skis, boots and bindings, a few feet of snow, 60 cases of beer. Those are the ingredients for the Backcountry Magazine Gear Test Week. And when you mix it all together, you get one wild week and the industry’s best Gear Guide. Here’s a quick look at how it all unfolded.

Testers’ Choice: Scott Cruis’Air


Crista Seier has been telemarking for nine years, but recently invested in her first AT setup. Still, she says she loves dropping knees in “perfect powder on wide-open slopes.” She’s been testing with Backcountry for five years. Her pick of the test? The Scott Cruis’Air.