2015 Editors’ Choice Awards: Boots

From a crop of more than 50 backcountry boots tested in March at Powder Mountain, Utah, we’ve selected the best six models for 2015 based on overwhelming tester feedback and cutting-edge innovation. Looking for the lightest, auto-locking touring boot or the most versatile, in- and-out-of-bounds option? You’ll find it among these six standout backcountry boots.

But these aren’t the only boots that rose to the top at Gear Test Week, and this isn’t all we have to say about them. Subscribe by the end of August to get the 2015 Gear Guide or order a copy, here, for the full reviews of these products, plus more than 30 additional Gear Guide Selects.





WEIGHT/PAIR: 9 lbs. 10 oz.
SIZES: 25-30.5 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 100-102

+ “Comfortable and warm liner.”
– “Walk mode was kind of a novelty.”
= A versatile boot for basically everyone who rips.







WEIGHT/PAIR: 8 lbs. 13 oz.
SIZES: 22-31 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 98

+ “The buckle powerstrap is amazingly convenient when touring or transitioning.”
– “Could use slightly more rear support.”
= The complete package for resort-based adventure.







WEIGHT/PAIR: 6 lbs. 11 oz.
SIZES: 25-30 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 103

+ “Love the deep heel pocket—really locks you in.”
– “The loop and gate buckle design can be a bit frustrating.”
= “They ski great, tour comfortably and are less expensive than many other top-rated boots.”







WEIGHT/PAIR: 6 lbs. 6 oz.
SIZES: 25-31.5 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 103

+ Lightweight, light price, wide range of motion.
– “This boot skis extremely upright. I had to fight to keep forward pressure.”
= No better all-around boot at this price. Period.







WEIGHT/PAIR: 4 lbs. 15 oz.
SIZES: 23-27.5 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 103.5

+ “An impressive mesh of power yet minimalist uphill weight.”
– “Not the glass slipper for a low-instep foot.”
= A high performance AT boot that’ll drive any skis in the backcountry.






WEIGHT/PAIR: 4 lbs. 14 oz.
SIZES: 24.5-31 | LAST WIDTH (mm): 102

+ “Power/skiability match up well with the TLT6. (I skied one on each foot).”
– “I couldn’t crank the Boa tight enough to really shrink the lower shell.”
= Revolutionary design skis and tours with aplomb, but will it hold up to day-in, day-out abuse?





  1. No tele boots? You suck!

    • Tyler Cohen says:

      Larry: We’ll pass your comment on to the boot manufacturers, who, sadly, aren’t pushing tele boot technology. We pick Editors’ Choice Awards based on positive tester feedback and cutting-edge innovation, and the latter isn’t happening in telemark. In fact, there’s only one new/redesigned telemark boot this year, the Scott Synergy, which is an updated version of the Garmont Ener-G. We’ve reviewed it, along with five other tele boots, in the Gear Guide. —Tyler Cohen, Editor

  2. Hey Tyler! Is there a legend or something for the symbols you use in the magazine’s gear guide. THe W is obviously women’s specific, but what about the s, the star, and the 14? I’m just curious. Thanks!

  3. Tyler,

    I appreciate YOUR publishing OF my snarky and content free comment (this is Sincere).

    I will fully agree that new innovative tele products are few and far between at the moment, but i wonder if we all have to fall into the trap of new=better than before, therefore the only thing worth reviewing.

    Looking at the AT boots in the list I don’t see anything radically innovative. The Dalbello looks like an alpine boot with a walk mode. Nothing wrong with that but that is like saying a vertical wood sidewall ski with metal is innovative. they ski well but they aren’t innovative.

    Of course new products get column inches and supporting ads. If this is your premise I can’t fault it.

  4. great reviews as usual, but could you publish metric weights alongside the old-fashioned imperial measures? for almost all of the world’s population, “pound”& “ounce” are things you do. they don’t mean anything when it comes to weight!

  5. John Dayberry says:

    Tele’s Not Dead !

  6. WasNatcher says:

    been wondering about the Fischer Transalp models — any of them – the vaccum fit and all. Guess I should pay up for them details.

  7. I’m looking for an AT boot that will be comfortable for a wide foot. Do you recommend any of these boots ?? Any news from people who have used the Marker Kingpin ??

    • Tyler Cohen says:

      Bob, The La Sportiva Spectre is on the wider/high-volume end of the boots featured here, so I’d recommend starting there. I’ve now skied six days on the Kingpin, and so far I’ve found it tours great, skis extremely well and is very easy to operate. —TC

  8. Really? We still discussing telemark skiing when it comes to new technology? A few (bumper sticker) thoughts come to mind:

    “Nobody cares that you tele”
    “The 19th century called, it wants its skis, bindings, and boots back”
    “You Tele? You mean like Telegraph?”
    “I’d love to Tele but I have a healthy self esteem”

    • My personal favorite tele bumper sticker…
      “Your girlfriend cares that I tele.”
      Don’t tease us about our hobbies, we don’t tease you about being an asshole.

  9. Stefan requat says:

    Berry well testen – Congratulation!
    I bought this Shoes an now, After 17 Tours they have to put it of the Marked because Off graet and very seriös Problems Sith the TRONIC mechanism, which can block a Pin Binding, which is essential to use this Shoes..
    The blockig is a absolute “No Go” For sing this Shoes only Even One more Time – dangerous for your Bones!
    I hat this Problem myself……so…..

    I suspekt you Never really tested this Shoes under Real Conditions!

    Sorry for this?


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