Working for the Weekend: Meathead Films’ New Series


Can you spend an entire season just skiing backcountry out East? Can you make it happen only on the weekends? Ben Leoni, an attorney from Portland, Maine, thinks so. And the new web series, Working for the Weekend from Meathead Films, captures his story.

Happy Winter: Andreas Fransson’s Musings


Andreas Fransson may seem like the maddest man on skis, ticking off unimaginably steep descents around the world. But he’s also a yogi and deep thinker with endless musings on life in the mountains. Backcountry Managing Editor Tyler Cohen got to know Fransson last April on a trip to Chamonix, France, and he profiled the extreme […]

Pit Maneuvers: Snow pit tests and digging protocol


When was the last time you dug a snow pit? During that Avy 1 course you took a few years back? On that one hut trip last winter to a zone you’d never skied before? Digging pits is often seen as time consuming, but, in reality, there’s no better way to understand the snowpack upon which you’re traveling. Here are four videos to refresh your skills.

Bare-Ass Backcountry: Sweetgrass “Valhalla” Segment


Beacon? Check. Shovel? Check. Probe? Check. Anything else? Nope. We hereby approve of Sweetgrass Productions’ bare-ass backcountry protocol.

Heaven on Earth: Holden Village, Wash.


“We came up to Holden in search of spirituality,” says splitboarder Neil Provo. And he and the Powderwhore crew found it in the snowy peaks, pillow lines and steep couloirs above the Lutheran retreat at Holden Village, Washington.

Getting Caught in the Coast Range


Last April, pro skier KC Deane joined photographer Mason Mashon and friend Kye Peterson for a photo session near the Pemberton Icecap in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. KC and Kye skied a test run, made several ski cuts on their intended line and dropped a cornice nearby to no hazardous effect. But when KC dropped into his intended line, he took a wild ride.

Mountain Skills: Cutting a Cornice


Dropping a cornice onto a slope can be an effective way to see if it will slide, simulating the weight of a skier on the snow. Here’s a video demonstration of proper cornice cutting technique.

Mountain Skills: Ski Cutting a Slope


By skiing quickly across a slope you can test stability without hanging yourself too far out there. Here’s a video that demonstrates proper ski-cutting technique.

Powderwhore Productions presents Elevation: A Backcountry Ski Film


“Spread the gospel of snowy mountain love,” read the e-mail from Powderwhore Productions co-pilot Noah Howell. For nine years, they’ve been doing so, with their telemark and, now, backcountry ski flicks. Here’s the trailer and background info on their latest installment, Elevation, in their own words….

Video: 2014 Gear Test Week


Backcountry Magazine’s annual Gear Guide hits newsstands on August 13, but there’s a whole lot of content we couldn’t cram into the issue. That’s because we spend five days in late March testing more than 400 new products at the industry’s largest and most unbiased gear test. Here’s how it all went down.