A Decade Of Powderwhores: BC Filmers Prepare to Turn 10


In 2005, brothers Noah and Jonah Howell released their first ski film, PW05, under the name of Powderwhore Productions. What PW05 lacked in high-budget heli flyovers, it made up for with soul, soul and shredding. Nine years later, they’re still skiing hard and making annual films that bleed the same spirit of their original flicks. […]

The Elegant Path: Behind the Backstory


To illustrate our monthly reader-submitted essay, “Backstory,” we send the selected story off to any number of freelance artists not fully knowing what we’ll get. “The piece was very esoteric,” contributing illustrator Jamie Givens writes on his Studio Peril blog about Todd Krankkala’s January 2014 essay. “[It] described the author’s feeling of flow as he […]

Video: One-Legged Shred


“I want to show people that it’s possible to be good at skiing if you have a disability,” says Vasu Sojitra (“That Guy,” BCM 93). Well, good seems like an understatement, and disability seems like a relative term. Vasu crushes it, as shown in this early-season edit. He and his friends at T-Bar Films produced it […]

Remembering Magnus Kastengren


Extreme skier Magnus Kastengren died Sunday in a fall on New Zealand’s Mt. Cook (12,316 ft.). The Swedish ski mountaineer was skiing near the summit ridge at 3,700 meters when he fell, reports the New Zealand newswire The Press. Kastengren was on the mountain with friend and longtime ski partner Andreas Fransson. The pair had […]

From the Ashes: Sun Valley Trekking’s Coyote Yurts Rise Up


“The two yurts, they got completely nuked,” Sun Valley Trekking Co-owner Joe St. Onge says about their Smoky Mountain Coyote Yurts, which were burned in Idaho’s Beaver Creek Wildfire over the summer. But the yurts have been resurrected. “I headed straight there after the Teton season wound down and spent the last two weeks with […]

That Guy: Vasu Sojitra


At nine-months old, Vasu Sojitra contracted septicemia, an infection that caused a blood clot in his right leg. “So they had to amputate it,” Vasu says. “I don’t remember it. I’m just completely used to it…it’s a lifestyle now.” Skiing is part of Vasu’s lifestyle, too, and he skis the backcountry 20 or so days […]

Shadowing Andreas Fransson: Lessons Learned in Chamonix


Andreas Fransson is defining modern extreme skiing. And the 30-year-old Chamonix, France transplant from Sweden brings to the sport wisdom of mountain men twice his age. In the October issue, Managing Editor Tyler Cohen travels to Chamonix to shadow Fransson for three days. There, he found a whole lot more than he could cram into […]

First Look: Powderwhore’s “Elevation”


“There’s the act of skiing, but then there’s the whole act of discovery,” Andrew McLean says in the opening segment of Powderwhore’s new film, “Elevation.” “There’s just this sense of exploration that you can’t get anywhere else,” McLean adds. And that statement holds true for much of “Elevation.”

Tried & New: MontBell U.L. Super Spiral Down Hugger 0


A good cold-weather sleeping bag should compress to the size of a cantaloupe; it should be true to its temperature rating; easy to get in and out of and cinch well enough to keep cold out and warmth in. Beyond that, a sleeping bag is pretty simple. MontBell, however, would beg to differ.

Backcountry Bibliotheca


“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it,” British academic James Bryce once said. Clearly he was talking about the hefty tomes and thoughtful prose of backcountry skiing literature. After all, I don’t recommend hauling some handbook up the skintrack. Instead, read up, reread and carry […]